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About Us

Tommasini has been manufacturing and marketing racing bicycles since after the war. Tommasini's is a reality made of history and experience that, linked to continuous technological research, allow the company to be a modern and competitive reality in the sector. All of Tommasini's production is completely handcrafted and carried out by highly specialized technicians entirely in Italy at the Grosseto plant in Tuscany.

The origins

Tommasini takes its name from its founder, Irio Tommasini, who has spent most of his life around bicycles since 1948 both as a master craftsman and in the racing world as a cyclist.Thanks to his experience gained in a large Milanese company, Tommasini was founded in Tuscany in 1957, and in the 1970s it expanded its production and sales network in Italy and abroad.
Thanks to the craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation, Tommasini frames were and still are appreciated both for their finish and size. Many amateur and professional riders have relied and continue to rely on the company winning with these frames.
Today, as in the past, the company's workmanship remains artisan thus rewarding experience and choice of the best materials. Tommasini frames, therefore, are synonymous with quality thanks to tradition, but also to rigorous controls that are carried out at every stage of processing.

Our Mission

In recent years, the bicycle market has revolved around the introduction of carbon as the primary material. It is precisely the continuous research that Tommasini conducts day by day on construction materials that has allowed the company to create frames that reconcile lightness with a comfort previously unknown

The company's policy has always been linked to quality by using the finest materials and innovative technology because the Tommasini bicycle must be a unique experience for the rider. The work of our master craftsmen allows an optimal care of finishes and details, a work made of style and passion. The same ones that those who decide to buy one of our products have.